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My name is Kaleb Elwert and I’m a full-time software developer focusing on backend and infrastructure code. Currently, I work at The Pok√©mon Company International on backend services.

Thanks for stopping by my site. Feel free to check out my ramblings in this blog or take a look at some of my other projects below to see what I’ve been up to lately.

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

Other projects

  • gitdir - An ssh server for serving git repos designed to provide a simple way to store repos in a secure fashion.
  • go-irc - An IRC library written in go, designed to be as simple as possible. It aims to stick to the stdlib whenever possible and make it easy to read and write IRC connections as streams, somewhat a mixture of the Reader/Writer from encoding/json and how requests are handled from net/http.
  • go-seabird - A constantly growing IRC bot which has grown and been rewritten as a test-bed for ideas and a place to play around with new technologies.
  • base16-emacs - A collection of themes which use Chris Kempson’s base16 concept to provide a large number of themes with a small amount of code. I also maintain one of the builder reference implementations. Mine is written in go and can be found here.
  • prezto - A ZSH configuration framework designed to provide a number of convenient modules with sane defaults, aliases and more. I am one of the maintainers and have been focusing on fixing and cleaning up old issues and pull requests.
  • mopidy-gmusic - A plugin for mopidy which allows for browsing Google Music using the mpd protocol. My contribution rewrote a large portion of how responses were cached to make this usable for large Google Music streamlign libraries. I haven’t had as much time for this as I’d like lately, but I still provide the occasional patch.
  • zsh-utils - A small collection of focused zsh plugins aimed at making the default experience better.

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Contact me

If you’d like to reach me, you can email me at or you can try one of the other sites listed below: